Digital planner: Detailed overview, tips and tricks

I wanted to make a practical and beautiful planner for myself. Something Ill love to return to, will enjoy planning in and which will have all the needed layouts. I also wanted the flexibility and ability to add needed layout where I want it and not just use the same ones every week.

Bullet journal Pros and Cons

Many confuse bullet journal with a planner. And no wonder. The line between those two is really thin, but it's there. If you are not sure whether to get a planner or start a bullet journal, read on. I put together Pros and Cons lists to help you decide which one suits better for you.

A month of Wellness planning Instagram challenge

Let's commit to improving your health and happiness level for the next month! Starting from March 1st, I'm running a BE HEALTHY challenge on Instagram. Let's unite in our attempt to improve our wellness! Together is better! :)

Project planner and time blocking technic

So I’ve heard about time blocking technic a while ago and thought that it would be awesome to implement it in the project planner I designed. The idea with this planner was to combine all the useful tools we tent to use to track time and manage projects in one place at a glance.