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What Is It

A course that teaches Beginners and Non-beginners how to create realistic, beautiful and functional “All-in-One” digital planners for sale. It includes resources that you can use to create and sell digital products: planners, journals, notebooks.

Who Is This Course For

Brand owners that want to create planners for their customers

Shop owners that want to improve the quality of digital products they sell

Anyone who wants to learn how to design digital products for sale

What You’ll Get

PDF Mood Board

PDF Mood Board

For planning design project.

Interactive Keynote File With Step By Step Tutorials And Tips For Keynote and Photoshop

All of the steps below are explained in this main Keynote file.

Interactive Keynote File

6 Layered PSD Files With Customizable Planner Covers

You can change their color, add your graphics and text.

6 Layered PSD Files With Customizable Planner Covers

6 Layered PSD Files With Customizable Paper Spreads

6 Layered PSD Files With Customizable Paper Spreads

6 Master Slides For Planner Pages With Customizable Tabs And Movable Elements.

Move tabs around, change their color and texture, add/ remove decoration elements.

Master Slides for Planner Pages
Master 1
Master 2
Master 3
Master 4
Master 5
Master 6
Pre-Made Planner Layouts

30 Pre-Made Planner Layouts: Monthly, Weekly, Daily.

Fully customizable in Keynote. Copy/Paste to planner pages or combine different parts of the layouts to create your own.

Layered PSD File With Elements for Planner Dashboard Design

Elements for Planner Dashboard Design

10 PNG Images for Additional Planner Pages

Additional Planner Pages
Images for Decoration

18 PNG Images for Decoration

Pre-made Layouts



Meal planner

Project planner

Budget tracker



Reading list

Habit tracker

Additional Planner Pages

How to Create Digital Planners Course Overview

Programs Used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Apple Keynote


What You’ll Learn

  • Keynote and Photoshop tips and tricks.
  • How to design planner layouts in Keynote.
  • Where to find and how to prepare images to use in planner designs.
  • How to customize planner covers and paper spreads in Photoshop and Keynote.
  • How to create All-in-One planner dashboards.
  • How to make customizable planner dashboard from stock photo.
  • How to hyperlink and export digital planner to use with note-taking apps.

What You Won't Learn

  • How to start your own shop.
  • How to sell digital products.
  • How to market digital products.
  • The ins and outs of Photoshop.

What You’ll Learn To Create

At the end of this course, you’ll learn how to create customizable digital planners people love, where to find, and how to prepare photos for digital planner design from scratch. Using resources provided, you’ll be able to design an unlimited amount of digital products for your shop.

More than 100 resources to design and sell digital products.

Easy to follow step by step tutorials for realistic and functional digital products design.

Tips for Keynote and Photoshop.

Tips on where to find fonts and graphics for commercial use.

Access to private Slack channel where you can ask questions while following the course tutorials, get feedback and meet fellow creators.

Lifetime access to the course and resources, including any future updates.


and return your investment just after 10 product sales

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Questions & Answers

Will I have access to all the resources included with this course at once after purchase?

Yes. You’ll download .zip file with all the listed resources instantly after purchase.

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever :) You’ll also receive email notification about future course updates.

Do you offer payment plans?

No. At the moment, I can only offer payment in full option.

Can I purchase only resources, without step by step tutorials?

No. Resources are part of the course and can only be purchased as a whole.

Can I design digital products for sale with provided resources?

Yes. The commercial license is included. You can design an unlimited amount of digital products with provided resources.

Are there video tutorials?

There are no video tutorials in the download files. But, there are video tutorials for certain complex steps available at the private Slack channel you'll be invited to.

What programs and tools I need to follow the course tutorials and use resources provided?

You’ll need a desktop version of Keynote and Photoshop.

Will I be able to ask Kate for help when making products?

Please keep in mind that this is not a one-on-one coaching course. You’ll have access to the private Slack channel for these who also bought this course, I and fellow creators can answer the questions you have and give you honest feedback.

Can I follow course tutorials and use resources on my PC?

Tutorials and pre-made layouts are in Keynote file. But, you can access free copy of Keynote app from icloud.com. Photoshop files you can access on your PC with desktop Photoshop.

Do you show how to design a planner on iPad?

No, the tutorials are for desktop Keynote version, and you need Photoshop to customize covers and paper spreads. However, if you know your way around the Keynote app on Ipad, you can totally use the provided Keynote file to design on your Ipad.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of digital products and because they are instant downloads, I am unable to offer refunds. If you are not sure if this course is right for you, please email me or use a Chat button BEFORE PURCHASING with questions you have. I’ll honestly answer if this course is the right fit for you.

Can I split the price of the course with someone else?

By purchasing this course, you agree that you’ll be the only one who will take it. The commercial license for provided resources is only applied to one person who purchased the course.