Project planner and time blocking technique

So I’ve heard about time blocking technic a while ago and thought that it would be awesome to implement it in the project planner I designed. The idea with this planner was to combine all the useful tools we tent to use to track time and manage projects in one place at a glance.

Time blocking technic is supposed to be a game changer in terms of keeping person motivated to work all day long. And, It encourages to stay focused: once one task is done and time is up you know exactly what to do next.

Digital project planner

Mind maps and project planning

Before anything else, if it’s a big project, you’ll want to break it on stages and manageable tasks. I’m a true believer in mind maps. They are a great visual tool for your ideas and thoughts on a specific subject.

The benefits of mind mapping:

It’s a super easy but very powerful technic that you can use for about any project or big task.

That’s why I included Mind Map page at the beginning of my project planner.

Mind map page example

Keeping track of monthly and weekly tasks

We all have tasks that are on repeat each month, week and even day. Those are also called routine tasks. I like to keep them on separate page, so I could review and plan those tasks into my monthly and weekly schedules and do not forget a thing.

Checklist page example

End of the month review is important

To make sure that you are going to your goal and not repeating the same mistakes month after month, it’s important to review your actions at the end of each month. You’d want to keep track of all the things that worked and didn’t work for you or your project. At the end of the month, I like to brainstorm about things I could improve next month. During that time I most likely to come up with ideas for new projects. That’s where Notes & Ideas come in handy.

Also, writing down month highlights will help you to see what you managed to accomplish and will keep you motivated to continue :)

Month review page example

Monthly planner

I like to plan weekly. But, it’s extremely useful to see the whole month in a glance. So, in project planner, I designed monthly page that includes weekly tasks. In this way, you can see a month at a glance and break projects and tasks by weeks.

Because the first days of the week are clickable, I can easily go to the more detailed weekly page and use time blocking technic.

Monthly page example

What is time blocking?

Weekly time blocking page example

The time blocking technic is a way to manage time by blocking time frames for each task or project. It helps to better manage your To Do list and schedule. This system can be used for work, for anything personal (hobbies, family etc.), or, it can include those two (as in my case).

The main benefit of this technic is that it helps to avoid risk of distraction and zapping AND it’s a great way to keep time you spend on a task under control.

I tend to procrastinate things that I don’t like or don’t want to do. Also, I can start something and drop it after 10 minutes for more interesting task. That’s a problem :) Luckily, as with every problem in life, there is always a solution.

Some tips for time blocking:

I hope you’ll find something useful in this post. Please do not hesitate to ask in the comments if you have any questions. Tag me on Insta to share your project planner spreads. :)