Bullet journal Pros and Cons

If you are here, I'm sure you've heard about bullet journaling. You've probably searched for the ways to be more productive and organized and that's how you hear about it. At least that's how I found out. The system was created by Ryder Carrol, you can watch this video to understand his vision of the bullet journal system.

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Originally, it used to be just any paper notebook, pen and you. Now, it's so much more. Its the place where you can also get creative. When you type Bullet journal on Pinterest, you'll see those spreads on steroids: each page like a work of art. But the main purpose of it is to get you more organized and productive.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to your bullet journal style. If you feel like add watercolors - go for it, if you want it to be black ink on white paper - do it. At the end of the day, it's absolutely just your journal, you are the one who made it and only you the one who can judge it. You don't need anyone's approval, it should work just for you.

Many confuse bullet journal with a planner. And no wonder. The line between those two is really thin, but it's there.

If you are not sure whether to get a planner or start a bullet journal, read on. I put together Pros and Cons lists to help you decide which one suits better for you.

What is a bullet journal?

In short, it's a method of journaling and note-taking that uses bullet points as a core structure. Its structure helps to organize, priorities and track important tasks, events and notes across days, months and even years. The difference between bullet journal and a planner is that its a mix of planner, diary and to-do list. You basically have all your life in one journal.

Now let's break it down by its pluses and minuses.

And because I'd like to finish this list on the positive note, let's start with minuses first.


For me personally, those are the reasons I'm not using bullet journal on daily basis. Don't get me wrong, I love the concept (especially the creative part of it) and I love to create illustrated weekly and monthly pages for bullet journaling. But I cannot commit myself doing those every week of every month. I'm a procrastinator enough already :)

But nevertheless, here are the things that are awesome about bullet journaling:


Nowadays, what's cool is that you can experiment with mediums for your bullet journal. It doesn't have to be just a paper notebook anymore. If you have IPad or another tablet, you can set up your bullet journal there. The digital journals are more forgiving (thank heavens for the undo button) :D And they might be a great place to experiment with the system before committing to it and buying expensive notebooks and supplies.

You can save some time using premade journal layouts. No need to compromise between having beautiful spread and getting things done. Download Free weekly layout at the Library or go to Etsy to purchase one.

Digital journal is also a great place to practice with the pages you want in your bullet journal. In Goodnotes, for instance, you can move page anywhere you want it in the journal. This helps you to decide on how to set up your journal system and what pages and collections are more important to you.

If you are ready to commit to the bullet journal system and would prefer to have a paper looking journal with blank pages on your Ipad, check out this Digital bullet journal.

Digital bullet journal with dotted pages

The best feature of digital journals and planners for me is clickable tabs and bookmarks. It's also what distinguishes it from the paper notebooks. You can have quick access to the pages you need by just clicking on the tab. :)

Hope this post helped you to decide with which system to go: planner or bullet journal. And either you are a digital girl or paper lover girl, there is always a place for experiments and for trying something new.

Stay creative and be curious. :)

Talk to you soon,