365 days of achievements

Okay, staying at home ALL THE TIME during quarantine might sucks, BUT it has it perks if you’ll look for them. As for me, I finally started to get through my huge reading list. Swallowing one book after another. AND, completing one task after another on my to-do list. I decided to take control of my day and use given time to actually achieve my goals (since there is not mush else to do :)

The next book on my reading list was book by Brian Tracy “Bull’s eye”. Short and to the point.

I really loved his goal setting process and tasks prioritization technics. So I took his advices and designed goal setting workbook.

This journal will be your guide and motivational coach on the road toward your goals.

My personalized cover

The contents page has all the links throughout journal for easier navigation.

First, get the understanding of how goal setting process works. I wrote down 7 main steps that will be covered in this journal.

Next step is to identify your goals.

There are 8 main areas of person’s life: physical environment, career/ work, personal growth, money, health, fun/ recreation, family/ friends, relationship/ romance. Using visual guide and empty space on the right - write down all the goals you can think of that you want to achieve in 12 months.

Your goal has to be written in personal - positive - present sense. (example: I achieve…, I earn…, I have…)

Choose 10 main goals from the list. Using provided template write down your goal and set deadline for it. On the left write down everything you can think of you need to do to achieve it. On the right, everything you need to learn/ read/ what skills to develop in order to complete tasks for the goal.

Each day write down goal you are working toward. Go back to Goal breakdown page to see what you need to do today. List all the tasks for the day and then set to each of the them priority using guidelines. You can use highlighter and assign color for each priority for easier viewing.

I included success achieving quotes for each of 365 days to keep you motivated. :)

After each of seven days there is a Weekly review page. Scroll through your week of completed tasks and identify your biggest achievement this week. What brought you closer to your goal? What did you learn in the process? What you can improve next week? There is also space to write down you thoughts. You can use it to reflect on how you feel about your progress, what are you grateful for this week etc.

After each of 30 days there is a monthly review page. Reflect on your month and write down 3 biggest achievements and what you’ve learned. Identify your biggest challenge and how you feel about your progress.

When you achieved one goal, move to another one. You can track how many days/ weeks/ months it took you to achieve your goal.

On the last page of the journal, write down your biggest achievements this year and be proud of all the work you put in. :)

I hope this journal will motivate and encourage you to stay on course toward your goals. It has been proven that it takes about 66 days to form a habit. Stick with discipline to write and complete tasks on daily basis for 66 days and this will become routine that going to push you toward achieving your goals faster.

Extraordinary results come from the choices we make and the actions we take.

Talk to you soon,