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Step by step tutorial: create vector stickers on the Ipad Pro

Recently, I started the new line of products - character planner stickers and wanted to make them in vector, so that they will be great for digital planners and for printing. So I started to look for Apps for Ipad to create vector illustrations on the go.

How to make seamless patterns from your drawings

Patterns are so much fun! Would you agree? And they even more fun when Done yourself. If you like to draw and want to convert your drawings into patterns to use for scrapbook pages or to decorate your journal, or make notebook covers - this post is for you.

design your own digital planner

As for me I absolutely love to design my own planners and journals. It's not only fun but it also very practical and you know that it'll be exactly like you want it and that you'll love to use it. So I thought, it'll be cool to give you guys full ability to design your own realistic digital planner.

design digital notebook for Goodnotes

If you also like to take notes on your Ipad or tablet, I've prepared notebook for you, which you can design as you want. Even if you never opened Photoshop before, just follow step by step tutorials and you'll be able to make your notebooks.