Your productive day working from home

Okay guys, this stuff with coronavirus is getting serious… And as much as I don’t want to talk about it, it’s important to take it all in and acknowledge the fact that it’s actually happening. It’s everywhere, it is a number one concern and being safe became a top priority. Most of the companies around the globe chosen to encourage their employees to work from home. It’s a very smart move, because it’ll help to reduce the spread of the virus and keep people safe.

My husband showed me this website which explains in plain language why it’s important to stay at home right now and how to be safe.

We can’t control what’s happening around us, but we can control how we react to the situation. Instead of letting the fear get the better of us, let’s focus our energy on what is Good. Now you have the opportunity to spent time reading that book you wanted, spent more time with loved ones, you can actually DO things you wanted to do for yourself or for your business/ work that you didn’t find the time to do before. Focus on what you can control and get the better from this situation.

I’m a no stranger for remote work. I’ve been doing this for 8 years now and hopefully, I can share with you some tips that helped me to stay productive and not loose my sanity. :)

At first, working from home may sound like a dream come true. But after a while, it’ll become more harder and harder to concentrate and actually DO the work you supposed to do, UNLESS you establish some rules and routines that will get you into productive state of mind.

For the last 3 years I worked while traveling the world. DigitallyWild was created in Chiang Mai’s coffee shops, Bali’s co-working spaces and numerous cafes around the globe. It was SUPER hard to stay productive, but my passion, dedication, positive feedback from you, guys, and my working routines helped me to move on. As of two weeks ago, me and my husband moved to Estonia. Long story short, I got acceptance letter for my startup - DigitallyWild. And now, I’ll run my small business from my home work space in Estonia.

I thought I’d gather all the things that worked for me in the past and share it with you. I sincerely hope that they will help you to be more productive working from home and that you’ll actually enjoy the process.


Where you work matters. You just have to have separate space in the house for your work: being it a separate room, table in the corner or the few square feet of the living space that you are not using for anything else. It’ll help you to switch your “work mode” on and off. The first thing I did when we moved in to the new apartment - bought Ikea standing desks. And the main criteria when choosing the apartment altogether was to have space where we can put 2 working desks. I can’t even describe how much of the difference it makes to have this working space and how much it increased my productivity level. For now it’s not that pretty, I just started to put everything together. But it does it’s job keeping me in work mode.

DON’T work from bed

Researches say that people who bring work to their bed, weaken the mental association between work and bed time. Plus, it’s really bad for your posture. Bed is off limits! It’s only for sleep and other more pleasant thing ;)


If you don’t have standing desk, create a makeshift one. Studies show that standing up while you work can increase focus and productivity. Plus, it’s good for your posture AND you can burn extra 24 calories if you’ll stand for three hours. :)


It might be really challenging to get yourself to start working when you are staying at home. If you used to go to the office, this will take extra time to get used to. But, the good news is that you can create a routine that will guide you into the chair and switch On your “work mode”.

What works for me is that I have half an hour/ hour for myself at the morning while my husband still asleep. I use this time to do some stretching, drink my glass of warm water with lemon, plan my day and think about my ONE THING for the day. (If you didn’t read “One thing” by Gary Keller, I absolutely recommend it. Total life changer). I also like to listen to some inspirational audiobooks that will get my brain on wheels and will set the tone for the day.

Then I prepare breakfast, my husband makes a super yummy coffee and we talk while eating. Then, I absolutely cannot get to my desk without changing from pjs and washing my face. :D It’s like the signal that I’m ready for work: dressed, face is washed, teeth are brushed - ready to slay. After that I take a bottle of water to my work space and start with my main ONE thing for that day.

Because we have only one energy source for all our tasks and this resource tends to end by the end of the day, make sure you are giving your most attention to the most important task of the day. Something that takes a lot of energy and willpower. For me it’s creative part. In the mornings I design, take photos and write.

The benefit of working from home is that you can Choose to not be disturbed during your productive and focused hours of the day.


Have a lunch break. Ideally, I’d suggest to go out for lunch break, but since the whole point at the moment to stay at home as much as possible, prepare your lunch yourself. Take 1-2 hours to enjoy your meal and the process of it’s preparation. I often find myself thinking about my current project while I’m cooking. During that time my hands are busy and my mind is brainstorming, thinking of ideas and comes up with solutions. That’s just how our brain works.


I usually leave my “managing” part of the work to the second half of the day. Things like answering on emails, messages, do research etc. Things that don’t require my creative energy.

You’ll also need a finishing ritual to end your work day. Something as simple as closing your laptop and putting the chair closer to the desk will do the trick. And, you’ll need a reward for finishing your work day productively. It can be a delicious snack, watching TV show on Netflix or finally getting your hands on the favourite book.


Working from home can blur the lines between personal and professional. Make sure to keep those boundaries up. Stick to your daily schedule and to do list. During your work hours - work, do not be tempted to do a laundry real quick or clean kitchen cabinets. These things can stretch up from 15 minutes to hours and you’ll loose all your work focus.

I hope this post will be a lil bit of help. Even though the situation with virus progressing quickly, don’t stress about things you can’t control. Focus on the ones you CAN control and use given time productively. Stay safe.

Talk to you soon,


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