Road map to your goals

Recently I purchased audiobook by Rachel Hollis “Girl, stop apologizing” and immediately was hooked up. It was so refreshing, inspiring and motivational. The book is like wake-up call. Rachel sends a message to all women to stop talking themselves out of their dreams. She identifies the excuses to let go of, behaviors to adopt and skills to acquire on the path of growth.

In one of the chapters Rachel described her process for making goal road map. I was so amazed about how simple but effective this technic is. The main idea is to Start from finish and move your way to the left creating Guide posts and mile markers for your steps. Each guide post has 10 actionable steps (mile markers). By the time you get to the start - you'll have at least 5-10 things that you can do already Today to get closer to your Goal.

I designed this planner insert, based on this road map technic and it really helped me to clarify what I need to do now to get closer to where I want to be. You can grab the insert here:

Start from finish

Write down your goal. Where you want to be? What you want to accomplish? Figure out your very specific “What” by zeroing in on very special “Why”. Make sure to write it down in present sentence. “I’m..”, “I have...”, “I’ve got...”.

Starting point

Now that you know where you want to go, be very honest on where you are starting from. What assets, resources and habits you currently have that will help you with your journey?

What good habits you can develop to replace negative ones that can slow you down?

If you are looking for a book about habits improvement, I can recommend “Atomic habits: an easy and proven ways to build good habits and break bad ones” by James Clear.

Guide posts

Come up with 3-4 main steps toward your goal. These will be your guide posts. Go to your end goal and ask yourself a question: “What is the step that comes just right before this”?

Write it down on top of your Mile markers list.

Possibilities list

Now that you have Guide posts, it’s time to come up with possibilities list. Every great brainstorm always starts with great questions. While brainstorming the ideas on how to get to your guide post, ask another great question: “What steps I need to take to get there?” Repeat to ask this question while moving from right to left toward your starting point. Don’t debate either it’s a good idea or not, just write down anything you can come up with. By the time you’ll get to your starting point, you’ll have your next step (guide post) and steps on how to achieve it.

Now open your planner and add those mile markers to your today’s to do list, your weekly, monthly and yearly to do lists.

Be honest with yourself and you’ll know the exact steps you need to take on the road to your goal. The idea is not that road map will magically make the journey easier, the idea is that the road map will make the journey effective. You’ll know exactly what you have to do today, next week, month, year. You’ll see the clear road ahead of you. And of course, not all the steps will be exciting to do, but now you’ll know that you HAVE TO DO them if you want to achieve your goal.

Start creating your guide posts and mile markers. Don’t get freaked out about all the possibilities. Your goal is going to feel like something gigantic when you begin. But remember to take one step at a time. Be determined and stick to your plan and you’ll get there 100%.

Talk to you soon,