How to customize digital planners

If you know me for awhile, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a huuuuge fan of customizable products. :D In this post, I want to show what you can do with my newest Fully customizable digital planner.

How to customize planner dashboard

In your download folder you’ll find change_background_color.psd file. Open it in Procreate or Photoshop.

In Procreate:

to change color, select the layer named “change color”. With color picker choose the color you want and fill this layer with the wanted color.

To add image, texture or pattern to the wall: import your image, place it on top of the “Layer mask” and make it a clipping mask. You can change Blending modes and Opacity for more realistic results.

Now go to Share - share image as JPG and save it to your Camera roll, Dropbox or Airdrop to laptop.

In Photoshop:

Select “change color” layer, pick color you want and using Paint bucket tool (G) click anywhere on the image to fill layer with wanted color.

Adding your own image, texture or pattern is similar as it is in Procreate. Import image to photoshop document, place it on top of all the layers, right mouse click - Create clipping mask.

To save new cover: go to File - Export - Save for web - choose JPG - Save

Now that we customized the dashboard, open Keynote file named customize_planner.key

You can use Keynote on your Ipad or desktop. I’ll show how to edit file with desktop version, but the process is the same with Ipad version too.

Select image - go to Format - Image - Replace and choose image you saved earlier.

The elements at the dashboard are movable and linked to planner pages and layouts. You can move them around and decorate as you want.

You can also purchase another sets of decoration elements and replace them.

To change frame image at the dashboard - select it - Image - Replace

How to customize monthly/ daily planner pages

You can change background color for the entire planner to match dashboard color. To do so, first sample main color.

Drag and drop color in the Color picker window to save it to the palette .

Select all slides with main planner (from 2 to 385), in Color picker click on the needed color. It’ll be applied to all the slides you selected.

Monthly layout

Because I used font you probably don't have in your Library, I’ve made month name and days of the week as image. If you want to change it, simply delete image and add your own text.

You can delete stickers and replace paper clip that linked to main dashboard. 4 paper clips are included with your download, but you can purchase another set.

The layouts are editable. So you can change the style and color of the lines.

To change color of the tabs: go to View - Edit master slides. Select the tabs and choose color with Color picker.

To change tabs color for other monthly and daily planner pages: 

Repeat these steps for other planner pages.

Customize daily planner pages

To customize daily layout go to master slides view. 

How to add weekly layout

To add weekly layout to this planner go to Master slides view. 

Duplicate empty monthly slide. There is no weekly layout included with this download, but you can either purchase one or make it yourself in Keynote. 

Make sure to add your weekly layout as Master slide.

When you are done, add weekly master slide to the main file and duplicate that slide 6 times.

To link weekly layout from monthly calendar:

Add new shape, choose color. Place it where you want to add link. Then Link - Slide and enter number of the slide with weekly layout.

Repeat the steps for each month.

Diary section

Easily change background color for Diary section:

In master slides, you can change paper clip and color of the bookmark. Tabs are not editable, but you can easily delete them and replace with your own.

Photo book section

I included 4 different layouts that you can use. You can delete paper clips and add them later on top of your photos in note taking app. This section can be used for recipes, art journaling etc.

How to customize notebook

In master slides you’ll find notebook slide where you can customize colors and add more tabs if needed. The steps are the same as with monthly tabs.

To add more tabs: 

How to create new layouts with included elements

All elements in the layouts are movable. You can rearrange them, delete and add new decorations. You can also change wall color.

To create new layout: copy/ paste the slide you want to duplicate. You can drag and drop elements from your download folder to this Keynote file.

I have separate planner dashboards that you can purchase. They include decoration elements and planner spreads. You can also change this planner’s dashboard if you’d like another main cover.

As with other planner slides, you can change background color for project planner, replace paper spread, change paper clip. All texts and stickers are editable too.

To change paper spread: 

I have paper spreads that you purchase additionally.

Tip: Uncheck “Constrain proportions” in Arrange menu to fit new paper spread on the screen.

How to customize monthly budget planner

I included income/ expenses planner layout. But you can remove/ change it and use this space for anything you need. Folders on the table are clickable and linked to monthly page.

Export planner to note taking app

When you are happy with your customization, you can export planner in two ways.

One method is to export it as pdf from desktop Keynote app and then Airdrop to Ipad and open in note taking app of your choice. 

Second method is to save planner to Dropbox or ICloud drive, then open on Ipad. Export as pdf and choose note taking app you want to open it in.

If you'd like to learn how to create digital planners like this one, check out my Course.  It includes not only tutorials, but also resources for commercial use.