Digital scrapbooking and journaling in Note taking app

If you like to plan digitally, you’ll love digital journaling and scrapbooking too. I find this form of journaling really relaxing and almost meditative. It can be done without the mess of paper pieces and glue around the house. Not to mention that this is an awesome way to keep memorable moments alive and just be creative. 

Going digital doesn’t mean that you have to compromise and forget about real paper look and feel. With matte screen protector, you’ll love to write and draw on your Ipad. It gives texture and puts resistance between screen and pen, which almost feels like you are writing on real paper.

And, with DigitallyWild products you get a real looking journals on your Ipad. I use real paper textures and photos of decorative elements to make transition from paper to digital - seamless. 

In this post, I’m so excited to show you features of my newest creation - Digital scrapbook journal. 


As with most of my products, customization is a key. We all have different preferences and taste, so why should we have the same looking products, right? Besides, customization is a fun part of any digital planning and journaling project. 

With scrapbook journal download, I included Keynote file where you can customize main dashboard, adding your own digital paper designs and stickers right on your Ipad.

To change first digital paper design:

To change second paper:

I included 6 digital paper designs that you can use for this. Or just insert your own design or image.

To change sticker:

To change multiple stickers in the envelop: 

First method is to make a sticker composition in Procreate first and save as .png file. Then go to Replace image and choose sticker composition you’ve made.

Second method is to bring stickers one by one to Keynote and crop them to fit the paper envelop.

TIP: To rotate image hold it with one finger and rotate with another. To crop image - double tap on it.

Decorate  journal cover and make it a diary, scrapbook, travel journal, wedding book, photo album or anything you can think of. :) You can do it in Keynote or in note taking app.

Stickers that are included with this journal:

And, washi tapes:

Importing to note taking app

When you finished your customization, tap on three dots at the upper right corner in the Keynote. Choose Export - pdf - and then choose the note taking app you want import it to. 

I love to journal in Noteshelf app. It has “Sent to back” and “Sent to front” feature for images. This is something that is missing in Goodnotes. In Goodnotes to bring image to front, you’ll have to copy the element you want, delete it and paste again. :) In Noteshelf - journaling is a breeze and so much fun. You can rearrange images fast and easy, move them around and layer up as you would in traditional journal. 

TIP: You can still change main dashboard image with new designs after you used journal in note taking app. 

To do it: open Keynote file, make changes. Save only first slide as High quality JPG. In note taking app import saved image to the dashboard. Resize it to fit the screen. In Noteshelf app - you can also "Lock" image, so you won’t accidentally move it. The hyperlinks under new dashboard will still work. You can change it with new stickers and designs unlimited amount of times. 

Journal spreads

To give more creative freedom and to explore different journaling styles, I included 15 paper texture spreads. You can copy the page unlimited amount of times and change it’s placement in the journal. 

Elements at the main dashboard are linked to empty pages where you add stickers and papers. There are light and craft texture pages. These were chosen to showcase lighter and darker stickers more clearly. 

Noteshelf and Goodnotes files are included with this download. These are there to make your life easier :) I imported and resized all papers and stickers. So yo just need to select them on the page - tap copy and Paste to the needed page of your customized journal. 

Make a split view of the Noteshelf file I included and your customized journal. With Lasso tool select stickers - Copy and Paste to your main journal under needed page.

Copy/ paste empty pages to add more stickers and papers for fast access.

What you can do with this journal and included elements

Here are just some of the journal spreads for inspiration. You can create unlimited amount of beautiful entries with this scrapbook box. And, more journal sticker kits are coming :) Mix different stickers, papers, include your sketches,  photos and just have fun. 

More journaling sticker sets:

Video overview: