Digital planner: Detailed overview, tips and tricks

After jumping between my To-do lists and digital journals for quite a while now, I figured that I desperately need a planner. Things are started to pile up and slowly became a mess 😃 I'm not much of a planning girl, but I must learn the art of planning my work and business. Better later than never, right?

So I started from the beginning - a planner. And because I love digital travel journals so much, of course, I went for a digital planner as well. I've made research of what planners are out there, looked through thousands of Pins of traditional planner layouts and pages they include in planners, etc. I wanted to make a practical and beautiful planner for myself. Something I'll love to return to, will enjoy planning in and which will have all the needed layouts. I also wanted the flexibility and ability to add needed layout where I want it and not just use the same ones every week.

Here it comes 😃 "Lavender Cupcake" digital planner.

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I wanted the planner to be unique and have the theme. So I create a pattern to use for the cover and throughout the planner. The elements were drawn with watercolors and then used to create the pattern in Photoshop (I'll write a detailed post on how to do it).

Was having fun drawing watercolor elements for the "Lavender Cupcake" digital planner 😀 The idea was to create the unique pattern for cover and for use throughout planner pages. 🍰 I also drew elements like diamond and star because I have paperclips in the planner with those shapes. 😀 Consistency ☺️👉 Swipe left to see the cover pattern.⠀ ⠀ Quick tips on how to make your own pattern:⠀ 1. Draw elements 2. Take photos of them 3. Import to Photoshop 4. Using Color Selection tool select white background on the photos. 5. Delete the selection. You'll have your drawings on the transparent background. 6. Create a clipping mask with the desired gradient for the drawings. 7. Position elements in the square document to create a pattern. 8. Choose Edit - Define pattern. ☺️ Let me know if you are interested in this topic and would like to have a more detailed guide on How to make such patterns. I might write a step by step post with screenshots and gif's for you 🤓⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #digitally_wild #travelersfactory #travelersnote #midoritravelersnotebook #travelersnotebook #midori #artjournal #creativejournal #notebooktherapy #sketch #sketchbook #sketch_daily #sketchaday #sketchdaily #lavender #watercolor #watercolorsketch #watercolor_daily #stationery #stationeryaddict #stationeryshop #stationarydesign #traveljournal #travelsketch #travelsketching #watercolorpractice #illustration #illustrated #illustrationart⠀

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Index page

The star paperclip redirects to the Index page.

The stars on the page are clickable and each redirects to the empty page. On that pages, you can insert any layout, use them as a diary, place mood trackers, write down birthdays, make To Buy lists etc. All needed info one click away. :)

P.S. The App I'm using with all my digital journals is Goodnotes.

Extras page

The diamond shaped paperclip redirects to the Extras page. Here I included layouts and stickers that can be copied and pasted anywhere in the journal.

Two weekly spread layouts, horizontal and vertical, have 3 colors to choose from.

The gif is heavy, give it some time to upload

Daily and Project planner pages

I also included Dotted and Linear page. They can be copied and pasted anywhere in the journal as well.

And stickers stickers stickers. Who doesn't love stickers? As a Bonus, I added 6 Kattie planner stickers (which are perfectly matched with planner by color) and Lavender Cupcake stickers that were drawn specially for this planner.

How to copy and paste Weekly layouts and Pages

Choose the page you want to copy. In the Read Only mode press and hold on the page. Select Copy from the menu. Navigate to the page where you want to paste it. Press and hold - Paste. Ta da :)

How to Copy stickers

Select Lasso Tool from the menu. Make sure that Images are selected. Draw a circle with Lasso tool within a sticker. Press and hold, then choose Copy. Navigate to the page where you want to paste it. Press and hold - Paste.

In the Lavender Cupcake sticker set, I included the pattern I used for the cover. It can be used to decorate the layouts and pages.

There are also 4 tabs at the top and 12 monthly tabs.

I'm pretty happy with the planner so far, here is my monthly spread for September. I hope planner will help me to organize and clear up things :)

Plans for September ☺️ I believe the calendar will fill out more as the month go 😀 #digitally_wild #digitalplanner #digitalplanning #planner #planneraddict #plannernerd #plannerlife #plannerlove #plannergoodies #plannergirl #plannergeek #plannerinspiration #plannersetup #plannerstuff #plannerspread #plannernewbie #plannerinspo #digitalbulletjournal #ipadplanner #dailyplanner #discoverbulletjournal #goodnotes #plannerobsessed

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Do you like digital planning? Did it help you to be more productive and organized? Let me know in the comments :)

Talk to you soon,