Design digital notebook for Goodnotes

I've seen a lot of interest and positive feedback from you guys after the launch of Design your Own digital planner. A lot of you are enjoying to design in Photoshop and create your own custom digital planner.

If you also like to take notes on your Ipad or tablet, I've prepared notebook for you, which you can design as you want.

Even if you never opened Photoshop before, just follow step by step tutorials and you'll be able to make your notebooks. You can create unlimited number of journals with this design kit. And I hope you'll have a lot fun doing it :)

Being a huge sucker for all things cats, no wonder I choose this theme for the collection :D

Cover design

For this design kit, I've drawn 5 cat illustrations and prepared textured cover. You'll have those illustrations as .png files on the transparent background and will be able to play around with cover color combinations and add your text.

I also included illustrations with and without snow, and just cats with no leaves on the background, so you'll have even more options to play with. :)

Some of the possible designs for the cover.

When you download and open cover.psd file, here is what you'll see:

In this video:

Design your first spread

What's inside first_spread.psd file:

There is a lot of cool stuff that you can change here apart from the cover color :) Check out this video to see all the creative possibilities.

In this video:

Design your main spreads

Inside the open_spread.psd file:

The one more cool thing about this design kit for notebook is that you can make the spreads you want: lined, graphed or dotted. It comes with a blank pages so that you can make just dotted notebook or create different layout for each of the 3 notebooks bookmarked sections. Totally up to you :)

In this video:

Finishing steps: put together your notebook in Keynote

In the download, I included the Keynote file as well. It'll make putting together your notebook much easier and faster.

In this video:

I've tried to cover all the main creative things you can do with this design kit. But please, feel free to ask questions or make suggestions.

If you are a designer who create and sell digital notebooks on Etsy, you can purchase the commercial license along with this kit to be able to sell your beautiful designs :)