A month of Wellness planning Instagram challenge

Let's commit to improving your health and happiness level for the next month! Starting from March 1st, I'm running a BEHEALTHY challenge on Instagram.

I’ll update this post each week, showing your wellness journal spreads and tracking mine and your progress. It’ll be so much FUN!

I'm in Bali during the month of March and thought that it would be a great opportunity to commit to my health on the full scale, giving that it's a perfect place for it. I know a lot of people struggle to commit to something (me included). But, when there is a public challenge and when you'll see other people doing the same, it might motivate and encourage more. So let's unite in our attempt to improve our wellness! Together is better! :)

And, in addition to feeling better and healthier after this month, you'll receive a Prize - Wellness Digital Planner.

Wellness digital planner

Challenge details:

1. Check the challenge calendar below to know what spreads to do and when to post them on Instagram

2. Follow @digitally_wild Instagram account. I'll provide details for each task in the posts.

3. Use #behealthy_digitallywild_challenge hashtag with each post, so I could see your progress and spreads

4. To WIN the Healthy life digital planner you'll need to have all the spreads posted. You can use paper/ digital bullet journal, any digital planner or a simple notebook. Totally up to you :)

5. 3 people who'll complete the challenge will receive Healthy life Digital Planner. All participants will become healthier and happier :D

Instagram posts calendar